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Be one of Steve Lions Girlfriends

Steve Lion, the budding entrepreneur behind Steve Lion Escorts & The Stovin Gardening Movement is opening his heart to lots of women in Nottingham who share the same values and principles as himself. Steve’s girlfriends will embark on a life of polygamy with the intention of forming a partnership before god and bearing children. Steve has a particular preference of women that you can read about here.

Steve Lions Escorts is always looking for escorts to work throughout Nottingham. This large thriving city has a plethora of clientele looking for the comfort of Steve Lions girls. We can set up girls on some great dates at fantastic rates of pay.

Nottingham Escorts

A destination alive with dynamic culture, castles, caves and cultural attractions, Nottingham is a thrilling city that promises an exciting experience. Steve Lions Escorts have a great selection of escorts available in Nottingham, no matter what your preference is we’ll have the woman for you. Whether you’re a local resident, a visitor or on a business trip we will find the perfect companion to share your time with whilst in the busy town of Nottingham.

There’s so much our escorts enjoy doing in Nottingham:

  • City of Caves – A hidden maze of over 500 original sandstone caves underneath the streets of Nottingham dating back to the dark ages.
  • The Exchange – With 85 years history The Exchange is the city’s oldest shopping arcade. With an unrivalled mix of 17 exclusive stores offering designer labels in fashion, gifts, art and home shops.
  • Escapologic – Thrills, suspense, mystery and horror await at the most realistic locked room escape challenge in the country.
  • The Hockley Arts Club – A beautiful building that houses The Hockley Arts Club – A creative space for social eating & drinking.
  • Ezekial Bone’s Robin Hood Tours of Nottingham – The multi award winning Robin Hood Town Tour is Nottingham’s leading attraction and is the definitive way to explore and experience the City.

Flaming sword – Seeking girlfriends

Steve Lion hopes to entwine with many spiritual girlfriends, forming a partnership before god and bearing children. After a deep religious experience, Steve is passionate about extending one’s family by means of polygamy, a revelation and pursuit revealed to him by God. As Steve is a protector, he offers the opportunity of income through working at his marketing agency specialising in SEO, PPC & Web Design. As an agency that values its girlfriends, Steve places a great focus of staff welfare doing his upmost to provide a great level of training and ensure safety is a priority at all times.